Quotes from Participants

The Magdalen Reading -
Rogier van der Weyden

"In 'Praying with the Arts', Louise breaks open the rich symbolism incorporated in the artwork and connects it to Biblical references. When we pray with the arts our eyes are opened to a new way of seeing the Scriptures, a new insight into our life with God in Christ. It is a delight to pray not only with our hearts and minds, but also with our eyes."

"'Praying with the Arts' has been soul-expanding, insightful, rich, multi-faceted, thought-provoking, and heart-warming. I would recommend it to those who want to go deeper in their faith."

"I appreciated another way of prayer and meditation. The experience was wonderful. I love art and to relate to it devotionally was interesting. It took me to a different level."

"Enriched my thinking of images as tools for contemplative prayer."

"Over the past five years I have had the privilege of attending a number of the 'Praying with the Arts' retreats held in Vancouver... Thank you, Louise, for opening up new vistas for me in the arts and Scripture, and for being so well prepared, creative and knowledgeable. I highly recommend your sessions!"